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Custom Brake Caliper paint Service in Naples, FL

Transform your ride’s appeal with Custom Brake Calipers, a trend that’s capturing the imagination of car enthusiasts everywhere. As you stroll through the streets, it’s hard not to notice the vibrant hues peeking out from behind the wheels of cutting-edge vehicles. 

The phenomenon is intriguing: when cars come to a halt, the visibility of the brake calipers might diminish, shrouded by the design of the wheel spokes. However, in motion, these colorful calipers come alive, vividly on display as the wheel spokes blur with speed, making an unmistakable statement of style and personality.

This dynamic showcase of color isn’t just for show—it’s a reflection of individuality, an extension of your persona on the pavement. And if you’re here, it’s likely you’re looking at infusing your vehicle with a touch of your own flair through a caliper color transformation.

Welcome to your destination for automotive customization excellence. At The Truck Shop Customization Shop, Custom Brake Calipers are not just an offering; they’re our specialty. Dive into the world of personalized auto aesthetics with us, where your vehicle’s transformation awaits.


Unique to YOU
Choose any color you want!


Increases the value of your vehicle


Properly highlight the style of your wheels


During the painting process, existing grime and rust are cleaned off


Why Choose Our Custom Brake Calipers Paint Services?

Discover the difference with The Truck Shop in Naples, Florida, where excellence meets precision in custom brake calipers. 

At The Truck Shop, we take pride in our meticulously vetted technicians and knowledgeable sales team, who are committed to guiding you with integrity, unlike some competitors.

Why choose us for your custom brake calipers? It’s all about the quality of work, particularly when it comes to changing the color of your brake calipers, with painting being the most sought-after method.

However, not all painting jobs are created equal. Many shops opt for the quick fix of painting brake calipers while still attached to the car, resulting in a seemingly tidy job from a distance. But on closer inspection, the flaws emerge: missed spots revealing the original color, overspray on the wheel well liner, and the backside of the caliper left untouched due to difficult access.

This shortcut approach may satisfy some, but if you value precision and perfection, The Truck Shop is your go-to destination. We understand that painting brake calipers is a detailed task that, in rare cases when we do undertake it, requires a meticulous approach to ensure a flawless finish.

Choose The Truck Shop for your custom brake calipers in Naples, Florida, and experience the unparalleled attention to detail and expertise that sets us apart. Where others cut corners, we craft perfection.

Our Another Services


At The The Truck Shop we offer two ways to customize your brake calipers; Powder Coating and Painting. Learn about them here.

In this process, the calipers come off the car, which entails removing the brake lines. When brake lines are removed, the brake fluid comes out from the brake lines, which requires a top-off of brake fluid after the calipers and lines are re-installed.

Once we have the calipers off, we remove all bleeder valves, pistons, and seals. With everything out of the caliper, the only thing remaining is the caliper housing itself (pure metal).

We then put the caliper in a closed cabinet and sandblast it to remove any factory finish, dirt, and grime. The caliper is then brought over to a rack where they will hang from a metal wire, and the powder is sprayed onto the calipers.

With all calipers entirely covered in powder, the entire rack is moved into a large oven where your calipers will reach heights of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. They will sit in there for about 10-20 minutes for the powder coat to cure. Once the timer’s up, your calipers will cool down and then immediately go to a workbench to get reassembled with fresh seals. They are then brought back to the car, bolted back up, and torqued to spec.

Lastly, we re-attach the brake lines and perform a brake bleed procedure to get any air out of the brake lines so your brake pedal is just as firm as it was when you brought it in. With the brake bleeding done, we top off your brake fluid reservoir, and you are good to take your car home!

Powder Coated Calipers is a Guaranteed Finish for the lifetime of your vehicle

As mentioned before, calipers are always removed here, which entails removing the brake lines. When brake lines are removed, the brake fluid comes out from the brake lines, which requires a top-off of brake fluid after the calipers and lines are re-installed. Once we have the calipers off, we mask the sand and prep the metal surface. When painting, the calipers do not need to go in an oven, so all of the pistons and seals can remain intact, which saves you from the cost of a reseal kit and the labor of re-installing those seals. Since all seals are intact, we can simply use masking tape and then proceed with painting the calipers in a concealed Spray Booth. Resulting in the perfect finish every time.

Calipers don’t need to be disassembled, so the process is a bit cheaper but will not last as long as Powder Coat. Paint can chip from rocks and debris.


Select a Color

Our Powder Coat options come directly from the best Powder suppliers in the world. Click the logo below to browse the thousands of options to choose from!

Or come in and take a look at our wall of color and see if we have a color sample you can fall in love with in person. We have over 1,000 Powder Coat Samples but if for whatever reason we can’t match you with one, we can find a few online to order next-day air so you can make sure you love the outcome of your fresh Brake Calipers.

Custom Brake Calipers
Custom Brake Calipers

Add a Decal, Text, or Logo!

Some cars don’t come with any logo on the calipers from the factory. Most higher-end, performance models will come with the Manufacturers Logo (i.e., Lamborghini), the Brake Caliper Manufacturer’s Logo (i.e., Brembo), or the Performance Line Logo (i.e., BMW M). We can do any logo or name, in any color, on Brake Calipers. Please discuss with your Sales Rep what exactly you want your Brake Calipers to say.



Painted Brake Calipers



Powder Coated Brake Calipers




Here are the factors taken into consideration when pricing each Custom Brake Calipers Color Change Job:


Calipers can be 4-piston, 6-piston, or even 8-piston. This means if we are powder coating, all of those pistons and seals around them need to be removed, and the seals will need to be replaced with new ones. With paint, the piston count will not affect the price.


Some powder coat colors are more expensive materials where, as some are single coat and some are two or even three coat which requires more spraying time. Some paint colors are more expensive than others as well. For instance, pearl white is going to cost a bit more than solid white.



Contact us or come in for a custom quote specifically tailored to your wants and needs.

YES, we can make a rendering to show you exactly what your vehicle will look like with all of the discussed options.

Customizing can range from a one-day job to weeks or even months in some cases, depending on the severity of your job. Ask your sales rep for an approximate timeline before committing to your build.

On the fence about getting work done on your car because it’s your only means of transportation. We have you covered. We do NOT have any complimentary loaner vehicles, however, we do have a selection of luxury and exotic rental vehicles in which customers get 40% OFF the daily rates. Inquire with your sales rep about using one of our vehicles while your vehicle is at The LAB. See our current rental fleet here.

Yes! Everything we do has a warranty. For specific warranty info, click here.

Well-designed and professionally installed modifications can add value to a vehicle.

Yes! Talk to your sales rep about getting an approved loan for your vehicle’s modifications.

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