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We spend an average of 17,600 minutes in our car, every year. That’s 293 hours. But most of us car enthusiasts, enjoy taking the long routes. It goes without saying that we spend a good chunk of our days inside a car. Why not be in a gorgeous one-of-a-kind interior?

Finding a highly skilled leatherwork craftsman for car interiors can be a challenging task. It requires a combination of expertise, experience, and meticulous attention to detail. The Truck Shop team possesses the necessary skills and craftsmanship to excel in this specialized field.

Our primary goal is to upgrade the car ownership experience by transforming ordinary interiors into bespoke and luxurious spaces. We go beyond simply restoring a vehicle’s interior to its original factory state. With our expertise, we can surpass factory levels of comfort and style, providing a truly exceptional and customized interior if desired.


5 Year Warranty on Workmanship

Create your own interior, exactly how you want it


Each fully custom interior is one of a kind


Here's Some Of Our Favorite Custom Interior Jobs


How Much Will It Cost To Customize My Vehicle?

Transform your car’s interior into a customized masterpiece tailored to your preferences and style. Whether you desire a complete floor-to-ceiling overhaul or subtle enhancements, our team is ready to fulfill your every need.

Headliner Upholstery

Transform your car’s interior into a customized masterpiece tailored to your preferences and style. Whether you desire a complete floor-to-ceiling overhaul or subtle enhancements, our team is ready to fulfill your every need.

Ambient Lighting

Add an extra touch of illumination to enhance visibility and ambiance within your car’s interior.

Custom Steering Wheels

RPM Light, Flat bottom and notches, Carbon Fiber, Colored leathers and stitching, whatever you can think of for your steering wheel we can build it! You keep your car until the day of install.

Custom Floor Mats

Design your own set of floor mats! A quick and easy upgrade. No need to even drop your car off.

Plastic to Carbon

Upgrade the interior by replacing plastic components with sleek and durable carbon fiber alternative.

Trim Color Change

We can transform your trim pieces from stock to any color of your choice using paint or vinyl wrap.


How Much Do Custom Interiors Cost?


FAQ About Our Custom Auto Interior?

When considering a comprehensive interior customization that encompasses various elements such as seats, door panels, dashboard, center console, and other trim pieces, costs can increase significantly. The final price will depend on the extent of the modifications, the materials chosen, and the level of detail involved in the customization.

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of your budget and desired outcomes when planning a full interior customization project. Our team will work closely with you to provide detailed estimates and options that align with your preferences and budgetary considerations.

When it comes to customizing your vehicle’s interior, the time required for each service can vary depending on the complexity and scope of the customization. While some modifications, like floor mats, can be quickly installed in a matter of seconds, others, such as a steering wheel upgrade, may take a few hours to ensure proper installation and alignment.

For more extensive projects, such as a headliner with starry effects, the meticulous process can take up to three weeks to achieve the desired result. Full interior customizations require careful planning, precise execution, and attention to detail. Given the complexity involved in transforming every aspect of your vehicle’s interior, it’s crucial to allow adequate time for a thorough and flawless outcome.

Just like Rome was not built in a day, a truly exceptional interior customization requires time, expertise, and dedication. We believe that your interior deserves the proper attention and meticulous craftsmanship to achieve perfection. Each service we offer will have its own unique time frame, which we will communicate to you to ensure transparency and manage your expectations.

Rest assured that during the customization process, we prioritize quality and precision to deliver the interior you envision. While the time frame may vary depending on the specific service, our commitment to creating a stunning and personalized result remains unwavering.

We proudly offer a 5-year warranty. We understand that interiors are subjected to regular wear and tear due to constant use, and our warranty ensures that you can enjoy the benefits of your customized interior for years to come.

Our warranty coverage extends to the craftsmanship, materials, and installation of the interior modifications we provide. Should any issues arise within the specified warranty period, our dedicated team will address them promptly and efficiently, ensuring that your interior remains in excellent condition.

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